Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Start of the Day

Some of my friends are extreamly stressed today.  They also don't recognize that family comes before anything else.  I understand that this person doesn't understand this point, but his stress level is not helping me keep calm.

More to come.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well today, my stress level was higher than normal. But I didn't take any Clonazepam or Valium. :)  Getting out of the house now having 2 children is much harder than it was with one.  Ayden is very easy and fun, Ashlyn although a wonderful baby, is very cranky and touch to handle.  She is only 8 weeks old now,  so I hope that this gets better not worse.  Ayden was a quite, sleepy baby who didn't bother a sole.   It's like night and day.

I got into the office late this morning since I had to grab one of our physical servers from our co-lo location for upgrades.  We run VMware and do alot of virtualization technologies for our clients and also in house.  After getting to the office, I had to be ready for a conference call at 8:30, then a meeting at 9:30, do two quotes and then get to a new client by 11.  The new client meeting went well.  They are a medical office that is moving to a new EMR system.  The meeting took a few hours, and then I returned to the office with a full plate on my mind.  I had to get them around 13 different proposals very quickly so I could hopefully get the job contracted and done.  On top of that, I had to finish up the upgrades to the server I brought in this AM.  I was also dealing with issues in our suite/office that had to do with another tenant.  And at the same time, my wife was calling me to get home early so she could go out to dinner and have "time away from the kids".

So - I rushed home, found my wife standing in the door, and I'm walking in hauling a server, my laptop bag, and two orange juice containers.   My son always yells Daddy when he sees me, which is always nice.  The baby was screaming as usual.  I was able to convince my wife to stay for 5 minutes while I at least slid the server into the co-lo rack, and get it booted with the necessary networking and iSCSI connections tested...

Now, I just ate, Ayden is watching a Caillou episode for about the 100th time.  He can even repeat most of the words now..   The baby is kicking her feet and hands.  Quiet at the moment, but that's only because I just gave her a bottle.

I noticed this morning that when I left for work, it was raining and my irrigation system was on.  This is certainly not supposed to happen when you have a rain sensor installed, so tonight among my many many other tasks, I took the rain sensor apart to see if I could fix it.  Nope, must be replaced.  Yet another thing for my to-do list.

I'm going to see if I can get the kids up to the bedroom so we can all settle down for the evening.  Tomorrow is my last day here in RI/MA until I go to a customer in NYC for 3 days..  Before this trip I must have a very detailed listing/etc done for a meeting I have.  My client is pressuring me to work on this every day, including after hours.  After hours when I'm home, I am physically and mentally not able to get a god damn thing down having the whole family clinging to me.  My friend does not understand this as he lives alone, is gay and has nothing to really deal with at home.  Sometimes I miss the solace of not having a family and living by myself, but I dont know what I would do without my son..  (and I'm sure my daughter will come around and be on that list very soon too :)  )

On to getting the kids to settle down, and hopefully I'll have a chance to fill a few holes in the wall in my old home office room (which is currently not being used - since I can't do any work at home).  I had a plasma tv up on the wall that was getting old, and in order to justify getting newer technonlogy, I get rid of old (or semi-old) stuff fast..  I gave it to my brother in law who called tonoight to thank me.  He loves his new TV.  Anyway - not to ramble, but this is where the holes in the wall came from.  :)

more tomorrow...
stock market was down slightly today, but my portfolio was flat.  Hope the tech sector comes back to life soon. :)